The purpose of creating an annual writing competition is to encourage Muslims to write stories, to be creative, master the art of writing, and more.

How does it work?
Once a year, contestants from every age group would each submit a short story. Please, only submit short stories, neither very long ones nor multiple-part ones.

  1. After submission, the top 3 short stories will be selected and published on Nisa Hub after minor editing
  2. Authors of the top three (3) writings will be informed by email
  3. Short-listed contestants will be announced on Nisa Hub and on social media
  4. Readers will vote (using a poll) for the first place winner
  5. The first place winner will be announced on this site and on social media
  6. The winner will first be contacted and asked for email confirmation, or will be replaced by the next person in line
  7. Winners will be contacted to receive their prize, in shaa Allah 
1. A $30 Amazon Gift Card (for the first-place winner)
2. A certificate of achievement (pdf)
All short-listed contestants will have their stories published on Nisa Hub and will receive a certificate of achievement.

Topics acceptable for submission:

  • Any non-fiction stories
  • Fiction stories with a twist of reality for inspirations, lessons, and encouragement
  • Social justice stories
  • Stories about life in your country
  • Stories about people from your ethnicity (highly encouraged)
  • Stories about your language
  • Stories on various people around the world
  • Inspirational stories
  • Ramadhan stories
  • Eid stories
  • Knowledge stories
  • How to… stories
  • Personal stories
  • Umrah/Hajj stories
  • Childhood stories
  • Qur’an stories
  • Hadith stories
  • Children’s book stories
  • Teens stories
  • Any beneficial stories

Number of words for each writing:
Short stories should be 250-1500 words (Please keep it short as much as possible)

Additional elements of writings:

  • All writings MUST be original! Please, NO copy and paste from elsewhere (we’ll check for plagiarism)
  • All writings must only be from contestants themselves
  • Must be proofread before submission (parents or guardians of younger ones can help in proofreading ONLY)
  • Each submission may have one or more clip-arts or illustrations, but it is not a requirement
  • If writing comes with clip-arts or illustrations, they must also be original or taken from a royalty-free source with no additional requirements attached

After the competition:
_Previously published stories on this site will not be accepted for later competitions
_Previously submitted stories (not previously published on the site) will be acceptable for later submissions

If you submit your writing and do not win, do NOT worry, you can always resubmit it on the next contest (unless it was published on Nisa Hub). We also encourage you to submit guest posts to showcase your writing and support our cause. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

To submit your story, click ‘HERE.’