One of our biggest goals is to make a positive difference in the Muslim community for Muslim women by creating a platform for them to list their businesses, share their stories and inspire one another. 

Support our cause by working with us and growing your business (website, course, event, etc) at the same time. 

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How to Work with Us

1. Banner Advertisement:

Advertise your halal business for 28 days with a banner on our website.

Types of Banner Ads:

– Front Page Rectangular Banner: 728×100 px

– Sidebar Skyscraper Banner: 160×600 px

– Sidebar Square Banner: 250×250 px

2. Sponsor a Writing Contest:

Sponsor a writing contest by offering a product or service to the winning contestant/s. Your business will be added on the main page as one of our sponsors, mentioned on all our social media pages and mentioned in our newsletter.

3. Sponsored Content:

Get your business displayed by text or by a small banner (200×90 px) with the text “Sponsored By.” The ad will remain for as long as the post/article stays on our blog.

4. Insta-Story Shout-Outs:

We give free Insta-Story shout-outs on a random basis. But if you would like to have your business mentioned for three (3) days in a roll, this will give your business more exposure. 

5. Sponsor a Giveaway:

Giveaway a product or service to benefit Muslim women. You have the option to have your giveaway on our Instagram page and/or as a stand-alone post on our website.

6. Book or Product Review:

Send us a book/product to review and share our *honest* opinion in a blog post and Instagram. 

7. Freelance Writing:

We have years of experience in writing content related to Islamic lifestyle, entrepreneurship, parenting, and homeschooling. We can ghostwrite for your blog/website. 

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