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Unspoken Words

Poem by: ‘Ateeyah

Love, Longing, Grief, even Fear –
Feelings that need not be spoken,
By your heart that has been broken,
From my oblivious deeds causing you a tear.

Still, you’ve always stayed as my strength,
A strength that had been unknown to me,
‘Tis the mystery of your words that were never told,
And of your voices that were never heard,

But on this day, I shall write for you,
Those words I’ve already read,
Not from your lips but from your deeds,
And seal it with my hugs and kisses.

So hear and read every unspoken word,
May it mend every regretful wound,
For today I promise that you will find,
In my heart, your names carefully signed.

Country: Philippines 
March 2018 Writing Contest

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