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Too Soon

There are still too many places to explore
Too many mountain tops and sea shores,
There are still too many people to meet and befriend
Too many chances a smile could be sent.

Yet these too many treasures were left behind
As with those who were traveling you joined the line,
You were still too young to go
Yet you already bid goodbye even with just few hellos.

You went too soon, people kept talking
There were what ifs people kept on saying,
But was it really to soon if for Allah it was the right time?
Verily, we don’t hold control of our coming to and leaving life.

It could only be too soon if we fall behind
In the earning of rewards we are to bring to the next life,
Being too soon is not even about age
Or the experiences in life the deceased had engaged.

It is still too soon even for the old men and women
Who passed away without good rewards to present,
It is still too soon for the traveler who toured the entire world
If even once in His life, He never uttered Allah’s words.

It is still too soon for the sick and the ill
If they did not turn to Allah first before they return to Him,
It is still too soon for the person who already felt the happiest
If his joy depends on this world for surely it is the faultiest.

So I raise my hand to Allah, seeking for His mercy
That He may allow my last breath while I’m in state of piety,
That may my last day be the day I performed the best ibadah
That may my last words be laa ilaaha illa Allah.

It matters not if we die too inexperienced in this dunya
We are but travellers meant to pass by towards the Akhirah,
The purpose of this life is not to stay here forever
Rather, it is to worship Allah and be with Him in the Hereafter.

Author’s Note: In light of the current phenomenon we are facing, where young individuals are passing away, I came up with this poem.

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