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The Muslimah

Poem by: Shaaira Muslimah

In a sea of colors; of fabrics and faces
Stands a black figure, like a black hole in the universe
A black hole, because people notice her being odd
But also avoid her as her symbolism is ‘bad’.
She represents terrorism for the ignorant
Barbaric, illiterate, an oppressed woman
Being judged by the loose dress and veil she wears
By the same persons who tell not to judge a book by its cover.
Amidst the negative reactions
All the deafening unsolicited suggestions
She remains firm, beliefs never shaken
For she knows, she’s upon the authentic commandment.
She doesn’t need the approval of any man
For her sole goal is to please Ar-Rahman
She’s not bothered even if her supporters aren’t a fleet
For the hidayah of Allah, only a few are blessed with.
So every time a criticism is heard
She doesn’t feel bad, she doesn’t curse
Instead, she raises her hands to seek refuge from Allah
And expresses her gratitude for being a Muslimah.
She shoves the thought of tints and fashion trends
Even when she’s the only one left untouched among her girl-friends
For she knows that her aim is modesty
And modesty can only be attained with simplicity.
Yet, she is no angel who’s free from mistakes
Sins are committed, putting her imaan at stake
But she constantly strives to return to Allah
And reminds herself that this is only temporary dunya.
She keeps on exerting efforts to detach herself from this world
As she firmly believes in Allah’s words
That what is with Allah in the Hereafter is more lasting and better
And that a believer should be in this world only like a traveler
She remains a stranger in this world; an outlier in society
Because she’s on her way home to Jannah, with Allah Almighty.

Shaaira Muslimah (winner of the March 2018 writing competition)
Country: Philippines 
March 2018 Writing Contest

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