Nisa Hub Online Summits

The Nisa Hub online summits are FREE and specifically designed to help enrich Muslim women’s lifestyle and personal development. We want to invite experts to bring Muslim women content that will benefit them to be the best version of themselves, in-shaa-Allah.

What to Expect

Parenting Summits

Parenting can sometimes be overwhelming and isolating. So Nisa Hub Online Summits invites Muslimah parenting experts to give practical tips for positive and better parenting.

Homeschooling Summits

You’re probably on your homeschooling journey or plan on starting. However, not having the confidence to do it or knowing where to start can hinder your progress. So be ready for experienced home educators to share their experiences and tips.

Entrepreneurship Summits

Entrepreneurship is on rise right now. However, most entrepreneurs either fail or lose motivation. Nisa Hub Online Summits wants to encourage more Muslim women to get into entrepreneurship and succeed at it. What best way of doing that than hearing from experienced business owners?

Author Summits

Are you an aspiring author? Do you have writer’s block? Maybe you’re a writer who wants to learn more or get motivated. This is the place to be! Get ready!

Wellness Summits

No matter what we do and where we go, it’s always crucial to take care of ourselves. Nisa Hub aims to bring you experts guest speakers to touch on personal development, mental health, holistic health, prophetic medicines and much more. 

Upcoming Summit

The Muslim Homeschooling Summit 2021

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