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Types of submission accepted:

  • Stories
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  • Articles/blog posts

Topic ideas:

  • Non-fiction stories
  • Stories series
  • Fun facts
  • Country/culture stories
  • About (languages, lifestyle, people) stories
  • Historical facts
  • Life as a Muslim story
  • Hijab stories
  • Niqab stories
  • Convert/revert stories
  • Ramadhan stories
  • Eid stories
  • Inspiration stories or poems
  • Favorite ayah + lessons
  • Friendship stories
  • Childhood stories
  • Travel stories
  • Umrah/Hajj stories
  • Fiction stories (with a twist of reality for encouragement, lessons, or inspirations)
  • Knowledge stories or poems
  • Call-for-change stories or poems
  • Social problems
  • Social changes/justice
  • How-to (based on writing, life skills etc) articles
  • DIY articles
  • International food recipes
  • Healthy lifestyle articles
  • Mental illness
  • Parenting articles
  • Motherhood articles
  • Disability
  • *Awareness*
  • Non-political news
  • Anonymous post of sensitive (or non-sensitive) topics
  • Interviews
  • How to Dos (related to business, entrepreneurship, jobs, or careers)
  • Tutorials
  • Business marketing
  • Motivation
  • Motherhood and business
  • Business ideas
  • Freelance business
  • Finding clients for business
  • Business strategies
  • Home management
  • Blogging tips/tools
  • Finding legitimate remote jobs
  • List of remote jobs
  • Personal development
  • Encouragement
  • Mothers/women empowerment
  • Tips on saving
  • Morning routine
  • Day in the life
  • Your idea!

If what you want to write about isn’t listed, please contact us to suggest a topic.

Rules of submission:

  • Post must be (500-2000 words) unless it’s a poem
  • Must be unique content not previously published anywhere else and NOT to be published anywhere else (post will be tested for plagiarism)
  • Post must be well structured and follow the title, intro, points, and conclusion style if it’s an article/blog post
  • Post must be well edited and proofread before submission
  • No sales or promotional posts
  • Write your name/nickname and a 2-3 sentence biography of yourself in the third person (optional), unless you’re submitting anonymously
  • Feel free to include 1 link (no-follow) directed to your blog/site or social media account in your bio
  • *Bonus*: You don’t have to be a woman to submit a guest post.

Please note: Nisa Hub reserves the right to decline any guest posts, especially if guidelines aren’t met. If anything needs to be changed through editing, you will be contacted in shaa Allah.

Jazak Allahu khayr and thank you for guest posting on Nisa Hub!

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