A hub for Muslim women

The purpose of the Sisters’ Support Group is to create a beneficial platform for Muslim women to

  • Network
  • Support one another on personal/business goals
  • Encourage one another
  • Meet other sisters
  • Create a community for sisters making a difference or who want to make a difference in the Muslim ummah

We’re all online for various reasons such as to give dawah, run a business, share our thoughts, learn from others, etc. By coming together, in shaa Allah it’d make it easier to navigate without losing our identity as Muslims. Also, many people do various projects online and may not necessarily get the support they need within their local communities. Having an online group of like-minded people could help boost their confidence in shaa Allah.

*We all live in different time-zones and have various responsibilities we are committed to. To create engagement and benefit from the platform, the plan is to at least check in the group once a week (Saturday or the weekend) to see if anyone asked a question (that you can answer), shared some info/tips, or to simply interact with one another.

The goals of this group can only be achieved if each and everyone does a little in shaa Allah. So upon joining, please introduce yourself and engage as much as you can.

Fill out the form below and hope to see you there soon:)

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