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Short-Listed Writing Contestants for September 2018: Vote NOW! (Winner Announced)

The winner of the writing contest for September 2018 is ….
Sabrina Azhar for her poem titled A Message to the Youth

September 2018 corresponds to one of the four Hijri months of writing submissions on Nisa Hub. The 24th of September was the deadline for the writing submissions. Two of the writings have been selected for publication on Nisa Hub as the best writings.

As usually mentioned, only the age-category that has enough submission will be published during the contest. Again, Group D is the only one so far as most of the readers seem to be from that category. All submissions were poems this time.

If you’re a writer, submit your poem or short story for the next competition.

And now, the two (2) short-listed writing contestants for the month of September 2018 are:

Muslimah9  – poem titled Journey to the Creator
Sabrina – poem titled a Message to the Youth

Please show your support to the wonderful and talented writers by clicking on the title of each poem above to read them.
Once you’ve read each poem and have decided the one you believe should win first place, vote for the best poem of September 2018 on this page.
You can vote from Wednesday, September 26 until Friday, September 28 at 11:00 PM GMT.
Please vote for only one contestant; only one time.

Jazak Allahu khayr for your support.

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Best Poem (Group D) of September 2018 is…


Journey to the Creator

A Message to the Youth

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