You are currently viewing Short-Listed Writing Contestants for March 2018: Vote NOW!

Short-Listed Writing Contestants for March 2018: Vote NOW!

The winner is Shaaira Muslimah for the poem titled The Muslimah!

March 2018 is the first month of the monthly writing competitions on Global Muslim Writers Nisa Hub. The deadline for the first submission was postponed from January to February, but the final was the 7th of March to give people time to hear about GMW and submit their writing. Contestants had the option to submit either poems or short stories, but so far, every submission has been a poem.

It was a bit difficult to decide on the top two poems out of all the submissions. But, only two could have been chosen for publication. As the general rule of the monthly competitions, only two writings (from each of the four age groups) would be selected, published, then people would vote for the best writing out of the two, in shaa Allah.
For this month’s contest, all submitted writings were of the age group D (17-30). This means that for March 2018, the writing contest would only be for Group D and not the other three age groups. That’s totally fine and probably only means that our readers are mainly from that age group.
It was a really fun and enlighting experience to read all the wonderful poems that were full of powerful messages. Jazakum Allahu khayr to all those who submitted their writings for this month.
Now, the two (2) short-listed writing contestants for the month of March 2018 are:
‘Ateeyah – Poem Titled: Unspoken Words *** and *** Shaaira Muslimah – Poem Titled: The Muslimah
Please show your support by clicking on the title of each poem above to read them. 
Once you’ve read each poem and have decided the one you believe should win first place, vote for the best poem of March 2018 on this page. 
You can vote from now, Thursday, March 8 until Saturday, March 10, 2018, at 11:00 PM GMT.


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Jazak Allahu khayr.


The Best Poem (Group D) for March 2018 is…


Poem: Unspoken Words

Poem: The Muslimah

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