If you’re in the process of setting up your remote business or blog, chances are, you are also looking for the best resources you can find to get the ball rolling. There are many free and paid resources on the internet, but finding good ones that work for you can be a challenge sometimes. This is the reason why we’ve decided to introduce you a list of resources. Some may be useful to you, so feel free to browse through them and make your own decision.



Blogger is totally free with no ads. You can buy a domain name and attach it to your blog for free. You can also get free stunning templates on third-party sites such as Gooyaabi.

Free to use, but you won’t be able to attach a domain name unless you upgrade to a monthly payment.

This is a self-hosting platform.


Free, has ads, and you won’t be able to attach a purchased domain name unless you upgrade to a monthly payment.

Blog Templates

Gooyaabi Templates

You will find many free templates that work well on Blogger.

New Blogger Themes

It has many free templates for Blogger.

Affordable Web Hosting


One of the cheapest and most loved web host in the blogging world. It’s normally $7.99/month, but it has been reduced to $3.95/month. For the Black Friday sale, you receive a discount to only $2.65/month if you use the link above.


This one is also one of the cheapest web hosting. It’s currently $2.05/month.


This one provides unlimited space and package starts from $3.95/month.


Package starts at $3.95/month.

Domain Name


This is the domain hosting that I use. It’s very easy to use and you can host many domains and sub-domains. It’s very affordable too! I spend less than $10 a year to host a single domain.


This is a very popular one. You can find affordable domain names.

Social Media Management




This social media management tool is popularly known to manage Instagram posts, but you can also use it for Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. It offers 30 free posts a month on each account, but 50 posts for Twitter. You can get 10 more free posts for each person you refer. Both you and the person you refer get additional 10 posts. If you continuously refer people, you can get up to 150 free posts every month!


Manage your Instagram and Pinterest accounts in one place. It is a free app, but for more features, you can upgrade. You also get a free month of Tailwind Plus.


Manage all your social media accounts in one place. You can schedule posts as well.


Manage all your social media accounts in one place. I use this one and find it user-friendly. I initially found it very confusing, but it was easy to learn. It is free, but you can upgrade to more features. You can even include your RSS and have your blog posts automatically posted to your social media accounts. Schedule posts.



It will edit everything you write online for free.

Email Marketing


Free up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.


Free up to 1000 subscribers and unlimited emails, MailerLite is more than just an email marketing tool. It comes with landing pages, pop-ups, and email automation.


This is also more than just an email marketing tool. It comes with webinars, landing pages, and marketing automation.


This one is a little bit on the expensive side because it costs $19/month for only 500 subscribers. It does come with many features, so you can try the free 30-day-trial and see if it’s for you. You can also get a free guide on What to Write in Your Email.

Newsletter Optin Form


This is the optin I use to make my newsletter pop up on the side. It is free and email marketing tools can be integrated into it.


This is a multi-purpose WordPress plugin (also usable on Blogger and other platforms) that has email generators with popups, phrase highlighter that asks visitors if they would like to tweet it, share buttons/widgets to make sharing your content easier, and more.


Similar to the above two, OptinMonster allows you to collect leads (emails). Here is a message from the site, “OptinMonster is the #1 lead generation and email list building tool. Our WordPress plugin allows you to create lightbox popups, floating footer bars, slide-ins, and other highly effective optin forms. OptinMonster also comes with built-in A/B testing functionality, robust analytics, and powerful exit-intent technology.”

Image Editing


I’ve used this one a lot. It used to be free to use and download, but now you’d have to upgrade before downloading. It is easy to use and you do not have to be a designer. I really love PicMonkey. It’s by far one of my favorite image editors. I wish the free download was still available.


This one is stunning! It is easy to use and images are available at your fingertip.


This one is very similar to Canva. I love it too.


Fotor is an online photo editor I recently came across. It makes stunning graphics. Just like the ones above, it can be used for free, but there’s also a premium plan available for more features.

Cloud Storage


My all-time favorite cloud storage. You get 15GB free storage.


The basic free plan comes with 2GB of space. You can upgrade to more storage space.



Collaborate with your team and schedule your work for free. There’s an option to upgrade to more features. I’ve used Asana before. It was nice for a free tool, but it is very limiting if you plan on expanding your business.


Stay productive by getting an all-in-one collaboration platform that comes with time tracker, screenshot, automatic payroll, timesheet, invoicing, and much more. You can try the free plan and upgrade if you need more.


Help your team stay organized for free. It is easy, simple, and very visual!

Voice/Video Conference


Make free calls, group calls, voice and video calls. It’s now owned by Microsoft.

Google Hangout

Make free voice and video calls.

Host free meetings and conferences.

Learning Resource


You can take whatever online courses you want or teach courses. For Black Friday, courses are only $10.

Transcribe Anywhere

You can find free general and legal transcription courses here.


This is a very popular course creating tool. It can be a bit pricey (£39/month), but it comes with many features such as reaching many potential students, website creation, domain name integration, sales pages, and more.


There are over 1,000 free courses to learn new skills.

Payment Method


Get paid in a secured way.

It provides a quicker way to get paid.


Don’t have PayPal? Not a problem! Payoneer makes it easy to send and receive money from anywhere in the world. The exchange rate is also much cheaper because it is calculated based on the true market price. Sign up and earn $25.


You can send and receive money internationally without paying a huge fee in exchange rates. TransferWise only charges 0.35% of the amount plus £0.80. This is a good alternative to PayPal as it is cheaper. This is ideal for freelancers and online business owners who work with people from various parts of the world.


CurrencyFair also allows sending and receiving money internationally at a lower exchange rate. It charges only 0.4% on average of the amount exchanged in addition to €3 transfer fee. It is much cheaper than PayPal.



This is my favorite so far. It is very simple and easy to create ads. Ads are relevant to your blog, although… you wouldn’t want to send your blog readers elsewhere. Media.Net doesn’t require publishers to have a huge audience before being approved.


Monetize your blog through traffic and ad clicks. It is easy to join and get approved. But if you violate any of Google’s terms, your application may get denied or take much longer than it wouldn’t have otherwise. Usual waiting time is 1-2 days.

Revenue Hits

This is another alternative to AdSense. It has an immediate approval system, so you aren’t required to have a huge audience before applying.


This is also an alternative to AdSense.

Affiliate Marketing 

Earn commission when you commander products

Read e-book for more info


Earn on affiliate marketing without doing the extra work of inserting affiliate links! Skinlinks works with many brands, so you get compensated by recommending products that believe would be useful for your audience. All you’d need to do is link to the brand (if it works with Skinlinks) and earn when someone takes action.


This is hands down one of my favorite ones. So far, most of my favorite work at home tools are under ShareASale. You can also earn a commission by referring the network to other publishers.


MaxBounty has many companies under its network that you can get automatic access to. It also has a web hosting program and a referral program. If you like MaxBounty, why not refer it to others and earn a commission?


This is a very popular one. It has thousands of businesses registered. This gives you the chance to apply to multiple affiliate programs.


After getting approved, you will see a list of companies with the percentage in commission they offer. Some offer a flat rate (example: $50 per sale). You must apply to each company and qualify for their affiliate program before having the change to earn. Some companies automatically approve each application; that’s rare.

CJ Affiliate byConversant (formerly Commission Junction)

This is also a very popular one. CJ is one of my favorite affiliate networks.

Amazon Associates

If you’re not new to the online world, you’ve probably see Amazon products under many blog posts. Amazon Associates is an affiliate program that gives publishers the opportunity to earn a commission from Amazon products when a purchase is made using unique links.



Secure all your passwords for free.

I hope you’ll find some useful tools from this list.

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