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Poem – How Ungrateful

-I walk and I run
-I touch and I feel
-I look and I stare
-I talk and I speak
-I hear and I listen
-Yet I complain…
-Complain of how I walk
-Complain of how I touch
-Complain of how I see
-Complain of how I talk
-Complain of how I hear
-How ungrateful am I…
-I forget those who can’t walk
-Those who can’t touch
-Those who can’t see
-Those who can’t talk
-And those who can’t hear
-O I forget…
-I forget that I could have been there
-Even now, anything could happen

-Then I would have prayed just to walk, touch, see, talk, and hear, no matter how
-How ungrateful am I…
-O Allah, I turn to YOU and Thank YOU for everything
-O Allah, forgive me for complaining
-Oh Allah, I turn to YOU, YOU and only YOU

Note From Author:

We should strive to always be grateful for what we have and look at those who may not have what we have. No one has everything, we all lack something. As we may wish for what someone else has, others may also wish to have what we have. It’s a never-ending race. That being said, it is easier said than done! We human beings and it’s normal to feel down sometimes. However, it’s also important to have something to look up to and remind one another. Reminding is another form of coping mechanism.

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