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My Home

Poem by: Bint Moosa

A place filled with happiness and calm
And I want to swim in its pool of kindness
A place where mercy and companionship are sisters
And I want my life blissful of its colorful existence
A place where friendship and love dwell
And I want my nights filled with unraveled dreams
A place of perfect harmony, my perfect world of fulfillment
My abode of gratification turned out to be as cold as ice
Filled with icy days and colder nights
A place which tasted bitter than bile
My dream home became the exact opposite before my eyes
A place of nightmares, sadness and misery
All the joy in it ended as the foundation was laid
With whip in hand, my companion ruled as a tyrant
Eluded of peace, I found solace in my Lord and my lovely buds
With hurtful words and actions, He broke my strong willpower
This was to be a place of growth, but I faded into a shadow
Still I stayed for my kids, for my family’s name to not be shamed
So I smiled, concealed my pains and fears from others to see
I persevered, prayed and waited for a new dawn
Till it finally dawned on me, it wasn’t forthcoming
So I packed my bags and my kids’, even they weren’t spared from him
And I fled from the bondage of a marital bond
For I know I deserved better, I deserved a palace
A palace filled with all the goodness I once dreamt of
A palace I can fondly call mine, MY HOME.

Bint Moosa (winner of the May 2018 writing competition)
Country: Nigeria
May 2018 Writing Contest

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