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Make Du’a and be Confident that Allah Will Answer it!

Du’a (supplication) is the strongest weapon of the believers. When we make du’a to Allah, it’s not only a proclamation that Allah is indeed in control, it’s also a confirmation that we know that only Allah can give us what we ask for.
It shows humbleness, yet strength and hope. Only people who know not to give up make du’a, so du’a must come with full conviction and tawakkul (trust) in Allah. So, how do we go about it?
1. Stay away from sins as much as possible and repent
Of course, no one is perfect, but that’s never an excuse to carelessly cross the line without remorse. If and when we do commit sins, we must repent sincerely and try not to repeat it. “Every son of Adam sins, and the best of those who sin are those who repent.” At-Tirmidhi.
It’s also not wise to make du’a while eating from haram (haram income such as riba/usury, a haram job, or something stolen). This should never be done anyway, but I’m emphasizing it here because it’s pointless to ask Allah for help while purposely, carelessly, and continuously disobeying Him. But of course, there’s still room for change and repentance. Let’s also remember that we should always make sure that what we’re asking for is good, not something forbidden, or something that causes harm to others.

2. Be sincere and pour your heart out
So invoke Allah, [being] sincere to Him in religion…” Surah Ghaafir (40:14)
If we’re true to ourselves, we know when we’re truly being sincere when making du’a. Making du’a is not about saying empty words that have no meanings in our hearts. Also, we must always remember that Allah knows us more than we know ourselves, so He knows when we’re not sincere. Pour your heart out, cry to Allah, and mean it from the deepest bottom of your heart.
We all know how we become when we really want something. Personally, when I make du’a, I know when my heart isn’t fully into it. It doesn’t stop me from making du’a, rather, I strive to purify my intentions instead of giving up making du’a. Hoping for sincerity doesn’t mean you get off the road of good before attaining it, but you strive harder while staying on the road.
3. Call upon Allah using His Beautiful Names and Attributes
And to Allah belong the best names, so invoke Him by them…” Surah Al A’raaf (7:180)
We know ninety-nine names and attributes of Allah, that’s more than plenty to use when calling upon Allah. When we want Allah to have mercy on us, we should remember that He is Ar-Rahmaan (the All-Merciful). When we want Him to hear us out, we should remember that He is As-Samee’ (The All-Hearing).
By remembering that Allah possesses these attributes, we affirm that it is easy for Him to answer our du’a. Do NOT ask Allah by saying “if you will or in shaa Allah.” Ask knowing fully that Allah has all the power to make your wishes come true. This… is conviction; when done from the heart.


4. Think good of Allah and have high hope
Have a balance of hope and fear towards Allah. Having too much fear leads to forgetting that Allah is the Most Merciful, but depending on only the love and hope leads to carelessness and forgetting that Allah’s punishment is great. So, with a balance, be highly hopeful that your du’a will be answered.
Don’t let doubts take over. It’s easy to think, “Why would Allah answer my du’a when there are many people better than I am who have it harder?” This does cross my mind sometimes before making du’a, but it is very wrong to think like this. Allah’s wisdom is beyond what we could ever possibly imagine, so it’s not our place to decide what’s fair or not fair. Besides, we do not know the unseen.

5. Don’t give up
When making du’a, remember to not make it a onetime event. Be as consistent as you would have been when pursuing other things that mean a lot to you, if not better. True dedication can show sincerity and willpower. Maybe Allah is testing your patience and/or waiting for the best time to answer your du’a.
By giving up, you never know if your supplication was just about to be answered before you gave up. Besides, asking Allah for help in whatever we do draws us closer to Him. That in of itself is worth the wait. We get more rewards (among many other benefits such as increased love for Allah and peace of mind) by getting closer to Allah, so it’s something we should always look forward to.
Think of prophets who made du’a for years and continued making du’a with hope, even when things seemed impossible. You may not be a prophet, but you’re praying to the same Creator the Prophets prayed to. Allah is As-Samee’ (The All Hearing). We should also avoid being of those who only make du’a when they want something, but disappear once they get what they wanted. Allah should be remembered during both hard and good times. “Remember Allah during times of ease and He will remember you during times of hardship.” Ahmad

6. Trust that Allah knows best!
KNOW that Allah will answer when it is BEST for you, or He may protect you from harm because of that du’a. Maybe what you asked for wasn’t good for you, so Allah gave you better than you asked! We often count our problems but fail to count our blessings.
If we count our blessings, then we would realize how much Allah gives us without us even asking!
May Allah answer our ad’iyah and keep us firm on the straight path. 
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