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How to Decide What Career Path to Choose from the Many Choices

Over the years, the number of work-from-home or remote jobs and businesses have substantially increased. Many established businesses and big firms now hire virtual employees or contractors because of the benefits of remotely outsourcing. Many bloggers (like myself) share ideas on how to start a business from home or share lists of companies hiring. This is all exciting; but, there’s a problem. It can get really overwhelming to swim through all that information and chose the right job or business. So, how can a person overcome that obstacle?

What makes having many choices overwhelming and how to overcome it

1. Not being sure where to start after having a list
This isn’t unique to virtual jobs, but it’s more emphasized here because the choices are usually at the click of a button. Usually, no one hands you a list of jobs to apply to in the non-virtual real life. We are required to work hard just to have the options. Now with the rise of technology and bloggers doing the necessary research, finding hiring jobs or business ideas has become very easy. But, there’s a difference between having a list of hiring companies and getting a job; or knowing all the lucrative businesses out there and actually running one.

Start by crossing out the ones that you are not qualified to do and the ones you truly dislike. 
This may seem like common sense, but, based on experience and observing others, it doesn’t always seem like common sense when you find yourself in the position of looking for a job or the right career path. When it comes to jobs we don’t qualify for, we often apply anyway and hope to be given a chance. As for the jobs or business ideas we dislike, we think, “I may hate it, but there may be lots of money in it.” These aren’t necessarily negative attitudes to have because sometimes it’s crucial to push ourselves to the limit. The problem here is giving attention to the more difficult choices when you could possibly be spending that time on jobs you could easily be hired or businesses you would love. When the options aren’t many, we have no choice but to force ourselves to take what we have. But, doing the same with multiples career choices can quickly become draining. So it’s important to cross out the least likely ones and first focus on the most likely ones. It doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t go back at one point to include some old options, but don’t stress too much on them right now. Just try to move forward and make your experience as less stressful as possible.

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2. Not knowing your passion
Not knowing what you enjoy doing can hinder your choices. It’s true that we don’t all end up making a living doing what we’re passionate about. But when you have many options, taking your passion into consideration can help you easily make a decision even with a list of a thousand jobs and business ideas. This is especially true for remote jobs and businesses because you would need something that motivates you to keep working hard.

Working remotely doesn’t usually involve being around people or being pushed to get things done. If you enjoy what you do, you wouldn’t have to worry about finding motivation. I had a friend who worked remotely as a call center agent, but she hated it. She had a hard time dragging herself every day because it meant being forced to do what she hated doing simply because she wanted to earn money. She ended up quitting for something she had a passion for. I also worked temporally as a call center agent for a mobile phone company and dreaded each working day.

To make matters worse, I was extremely sick at the time and barely pushed myself out of bed every day, with a high fever, only to work doing what I hated. I highly dislike speaking on the phone unless it’s a friend or family member I’m comfortable speaking to. Doing that as a way to earn money was not a good experience for me. I hated it so much that I often forget that I once did work-from-home phone customer service.

My point is, know your passion and aim for a career path that nurtures your it. If you work from home doing what you love, no one would need to convince you to stay motivated.

3. Not knowing what you want to do
Irrespective of passion, if you know what you want to do for a living, this will shorten your long list of jobs and make your decision making smoother. This is also true with knowing what you do NOT want to do as in the case of phone jobs for me. Once I was able to determine what I did not want to do and what I could see myself doing, the rest was easy to handle. I then knew that it wouldn’t be a waste of my time to work hard on applying for the rest of the jobs on the list or start a business that I liked. The amount of effort was reduced and I was no longer overly worried about the outcome because I was working towards something I actually liked.

4. Wanting to do it all to quickly maximize earning
The good part about having many options is that you aren’t stuck with something you dislike simply because you have no other choice. Also, it is possible to successfully take multiple paths as long as there’s a healthy balance and one isn’t overwhelmed. But, the problem comes with wanting to do it all at ones with the intention of maximizing your earnings.

If your only motivation is to quickly get rich, then you’re setting yourself for disappointments and probably failure. I can’t say that there aren’t few people out there who got rich quick, but that’s not the norm and most business “opportunities” with such promises are scams! Check out the post where I talked more about this subject. Just be realistic before starting, work hard, and hope for the best.

To round it all up, I would say to have an idea of what you want to do and what you would hate seeing yourself do. Try aiming for jobs you’re passionate about because that may determine your success at getting the work done effortlessly. Cross out everything that doesn’t seem like a good fit for the moment in order to first focus on your ideal type of job or business. Polish your resume if you have to and start applying for jobs. If you’re into business instead, start gathering information about your selected business idea and start working towards making it a reality.

If you’re completely unsure about what you really want to do, try talking to people or reading blogs of people in various niches. Get an idea of what it takes for them to do what they do, then brainstorm to figure out if you could do the same. Most importantly for me, as a Muslim who takes praying seriously, I always make it the center of my life through every decision making. If you’re still confused and overwhelmed after taking all these steps, feel free to contact me and I could hopefully help you figure out what you want to do, in shaa Allah.

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