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Charity of Time

Every time I go over the following Hadith I wonder if charity could apply to my precious time as well, which often feels like everyone and everything is trying to snatch away from me.
“Charity does not in any way decrease wealth. . .” (Muslim Vol. 4, Hadith 6264)

It’s something to think about because often when we think of charity, money comes to mind.

In the context of today’s hustle and bustle lifestyle, giving away time I feel has never been more relevant.  If you’re the kind stressed and unable to afford another interruption, maybe it’s time to pause, reflect, and reprioritise.
More importantly though, to reset your intention. It’s so easy to get caught up in work, a project, a dream, chores, or studies.

After all we need money, which most of the time entails time, to give our loved ones a better time in this dunya, to build a well for the poor, or to get married- in essence, to worship Allah better.

You could organise your time better; use Trello, delegate, or even explain how busy you are to others, alongside many other productive methods to avoid becoming overwhelmed. These are no doubt invaluable methods.
But life happens though, and some days you see a bottleneck situation approaching.

Feed the needy some Time.
You plan out a productive week to work on that assignment and then you start getting phone calls -probably some people you had no contact with for years. Or your child decides he wants to master painting and he wants only your help (and if you don’t give him that time he’ll probably lose interest quick and lean to something less productive), or your brother’s going away and he simply can’t find anyone more trustworthy than you to look after his children
”if I knew about this myself I’d have let you know a long time ago -really sorry” he says.
Everyone wants to book you up.
Can’t people organise their time as much as I do, you think, could at least let me know in advance. pshh.
This is something I fall short in.
But we can only control our own actions. What if though, we altered our thinking to something like this is my precious time and I’m sacrificing some away for Allah’s sake. He is the one who’s set these checkpoints or roadblocks in my way, he is the one driving the plot.
He knows I have a deadline, too.

“You shall not attain righteousness until you spend out of what you love (in the way of Allah)” [3:92]
Who’s to say when you get back to your assignment -maybe on the last day of the deadline-, Allah can’t make the task so smooth you’ll be done in fifteen minutes – a win-win!
Who’s to say Allah can’t appoint someone else to take care of another task or chore of yours?
Boom الحمد لله, did you really lose time? Or did you actually win time?You’ll feel the Barakah, and don’t ask me exactly how, but time will find its way back to you in one form or another ان شاء الله.

“And whatever you spend of good – it will be fully repaid to you, and you will not be wronged” [2:272]
Trade time with the Quran
Read Quran daily, even if at worst case, it’s just an ayah a day.
The more quality time you give to the Quran the more Barakah (thus ease) you will find in your projects and chores ان شاء الله .
Even if you’re dealing with urgent work.
It’s important, but maybe not so… urgent, I tell myself. Maybe fit it in before I sleep.
Once I’m done with studies I’ll give it full time InshaAllah.
So often it doesn’t happen.
By the end of the day I feel this emptiness, no matter what I’ve got done.Among plenty other ways to make our time Barakah-quality, let’s try to…

  • give up some quality time for others, for the sake of Allah
  • pull out a chair for the Quran, daily.
  • consistently ask Allah to put Barakah in our time and work



Rokaya K-Eddine

Rokaya is studying for her B.A in Education with the International Open University and in the meantime working on a Novel. Her mission is to contribute as much as she can in the area of Muslim fiction. You can find her at

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