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Didn’t enjoy your early youth because the focus was marriage.

Full of fear, full of uncertainty while carrying baggage.

Hunted by your childhood thinking marriage would erase those early footage.

You just wanted your own family to make you feel fulfilled and bring you happiness.

But little did you know that it’s no one’s responsibility to bring you happiness.

Now you’ve realized that you have to first work on yourself to be your best version.

Those who love you deserve your bright smiles … Every. Single. Day.

How can you truly appreciate all your blessings when your mind is full of stress?

You are amazing, you matter, it’s time to move on from the past and know that you’re blessed.

*Note: This is a poem to remind ourselves that sometimes Allah brings us blessings and answers to our prayers. But because our past keep hunting us, we allow it to consume us and forget to enjoy the blessings in front of us. We forget to appreciate the wonderful people in our lives because of all the other problems we face.

It is a reminder to not wait for people to bring us happiness because that’s putting a burden on them. No one can heal those past wounds except you; with the mercy and help of Allah.

People can help, but ultimately, we have to make the decision to be firm and choose the path of recovery. Will it always be easy? Absolutely NOT! But we never know how taking that path can change us for the better unless we start walking it.

Are you ready to walk that path?

Umm Sumayyah
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