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Babies Teach Us that We Were Meant to Fall and Get Back Up

I remember when my daughter was just learning to walk. As I watched her, she fell multiple times, then got right back up. I was amazed because, through her actions, she was teaching me that we come into this world knowing that it takes resilience to make it in life. Her innate determination made me realize one thing, “Babies teach us that we were meant to fall and get back up.”

As we grow up, we forget what it was like to be courageous despite challenges. But the truth is, we really were built to persevere. Jannah isn’t earned through giving up. Getting your dream career or house isn’t gained by giving up. Taking care of your old parents or working for your family will not happen if you give up. If you’re trying to get a high score on your exam, lose weight, gain weight, or learn a new language, just know that it will for sure not happen if you give up.

Are you trying to memorize the Qur’an? Are you struggling with praying all your five daily prayers on time? Guess what, it won’t happen if you give up. Life is all about falling and getting back up. And when we fear to fall, that’s when we really fail. This speaks right into my soul as I believe it probably does to yours as well.

Children are a great example to remind us of how we started on this earth. We may have forgotten how it was, but we are given multiple chances to reset the button or continue the journey with hopes. That’s not to say that it will be easy today, tomorrow, or even the hundredth time. But what it does mean is that

with every chance we take, we improve. And as we improve, we get closer to our goal. 

Observing my daughter struggle to walk yet not giving up was a valuable lesson for me. I was worried every time her feet wobbled. And when she fell, that was the worse feeling for me. I tried numerous times to stop her and let her know that it was enough for today and that I was proud of her. But, her determination didn’t allow me to stop her from her next milestone. She kept going.

Every time I forget this moment and pity myself through my struggles, I’m quickly reminded to knock it off and remember where I started. Really, babies do teach us that we were indeed meant to fall and get right back up!

As I was writing this blog post, my other child fell down from a chair and started crying. Guess what … that little kid went right back up on that chair after crying! See what I mean? We were built to persevere; subhanallah.

Are you struggling to accomplish something that means a lot to you? Guess what, be ready to fall multiple times before finally making it. Don’t expect others to care about goals more than you. Most people won’t even care if ate today or the whole weak; as disappointing as it may sound. Everyone has his/her own struggles. Make small steps towards your goals. It’s okay to be afraid of failing to a certain degree. But what’s not okay is letting the fears stop you.

You got this.

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