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Allah Has Promised the Believers Jannah

I was just watching a video on Youtube where the speaker mentioned “Allah has promised us Jannah.” It made me stop for a few minutes to internalize it.

I won’t even make any research to share relevant quotes. I’m typing fully from my heart right now. I wasn’t planning on writing today, but I had to take my laptop to write this.

We often hear the phrase “Allah promised us Jannah,” but don’t really give it justice or realize the power of that statement. When a human being promises, he/she can easily break it. We’re imperfect, but Allah is Perfect.

When Allah promises, He keeps His promise with perfection. Allah has promised the believers Jannah, so we must internalize it and strive to qualify as believers. The requirements are much more simple than we make it out to be. Allah does not burden His servant with more than he/she can bare.

Yes, life is full of test, ups and downs, but how else would the true believers be differentiated from the hypocrites? Allah never expected us to be perfect because it is He who created us with the ability to constantly fall. All He expects us to do is to turn back to Him, rise up, and keep striving.

In this world, we take exams, work hard to make money, spend a lifetime for that car, that house, and the best food to keep us healthy. But what about our soul? The body and this world are temporary, but wallahi, the Hereafter is eternal. We strive for this temporary world, so why wouldn’t we strive for our eternal being?

Striving for this world isn’t wrong at all! Everything we have around us is a gift from Allah. So why not work hard to obtain what was created for us? As long as we don’t lose our minds in the process thinking that’s all it is to our existence, it’s perfectly find.

Guess what? I compared the challenges for the worldly goods and the Hereafter. But what Allah commands us to do is MUCH less than what is required to live a standard life of this world.

You know what makes it hard? The distracts that we create as human beings. The rules that we make, which sometimes conflict with what Allah commanded. The expectations that we invent along the way. The challenges against the commands of Allah that we create as a society, making those who choose to follow the rules of Allah instead stand out as the backwards of society. The doubts that shaytaan creeps into our hearts. You get the point.

If you have a job, expectations will be put in place. You would HAVE to follow certain rules. On top of it all, you would have to work for a number of hours a day to get the reward you were promised; a salary.

For how many hours are we required to pray? It takes minutes and it’s not continuous. Yes, it may be challenging sometimes with all the distractions around us. But that’s not a battle to give up. As long as we keep striving sincerely, ask Allah to make it easier for us; we would be fine. You know why? Because Allah has promised Jannah to the believers.

The balance between fear and hope is on one hand to help us remember the consequences of certain actions and strive to abstain, and on the other hand, it is to remind us of how Generous and Loving Allah is.

Wallahi, it is true that Allah is to us what we think of Him. Isn’t that one of the concept of life in general? The more you think negatively of something or someone, the more you would create a pattern in your actions and thinking that would lead to getting what you expected. But the more you think positively, the more your actions would follow through, resulting in getting what you thought of. It’s not some type of “energy” or “power.” Our minds work hand-in-hand with the actions our limbs take; for the most part.

Does that mean that despite the distractions and whispers of shaytaan that it would be easy to switch a button, start thinking positively and do the actions that lead to Jannah? Of course not, unless Allah grants you extra blessings to make it easy for you. But even then, we can constantly ask Allah to make it easier for us all.

What am I trying to say here? Allah has promised us Jannah! We need to know that. Now our job is to strive to stay and remain as believers until the Day of Judgement. Will we err along the way? Most definitely; we aren’t angels.

But we must NOT give up because Allah has promised us Jannah!

May Allah make us of those who never give up and keep striving.

Umm Sumayyah
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