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A Textrovert’s Voice

Waking up to the same old alarm each day,

First thing I’d do is to my Lord, I’d pray.

Pray for better days and a much better life.

And then start my duties as a mother and wife.

Having four young kids and all below the age of ten.

You can guess what I’d be doing over and over again.

A twenty-four seven job, always on the run.

Hectic it is; and as for help, I have no one.

Every chore, I’ve been accustomed to do all by myself,

From washing the toilets and arranging the bookshelf.

On top of all, cooking three meals is a major concern.

To satisfy and feed my always-hungry family in return.

And oh, the laundry- to which there is no end.

A task only housewives can truly comprehend.

Sweeping and mopping- the list carries on,

Ending up exhausted, and there goes a yawn.

Amidst all that, I got to keep my kids occupied.

Sometimes all I did was, lock myself up and cried.

To deal with all their tantrums and silly fights.

I just wait for the day to end for peaceful nights.

Sigh, I forgot- I have an infant who keeps me awake.

Patiently struggling throughout only for God’s sake.

I now feel the pain of all those managing alone.

It’s not the same as talking to someone over the phone.

I got to be strong; I got to have hope.

Whatever comes my way, I got to cope.

So leaving all the negativity behind.

I try to remain positive with peace of mind.

No outings, no visitors- same routine everyday.

So I set up a timetable and no one has a say.

From helping out, creativity and pretend play.

To studies, online classes and fun all the way.

Taking up ‘stay at home’ challenges is great.

And many online contests, I do participate.

Having won quite a few, gives me motivation.

Which apparently for my kids is an inspiration.

Talking for hours to families and friends on Zoom.

Finding for a decent place to chat from room to room.

Playing virtual games and narrating lockdown stories.

For the first time, without being sorted by age categories.

Trying out different recipes from YouTube and Google.

I might even end up getting a Master Chef approval.

‘The kitchen’ – is my children’s favorite place to be,

It’s more like an open restaurant, but eat for free.

Unlimited scrolling through Instagram and Facebook.

Ah, and I don’t have to bother about how good I look.

It doesn’t matter if I stay in my Pyjamas all day long.

There’s no intruder to judge me nor say I’m wrong.

I sometimes feel like I’m kind of getting used to this.

On the other hand, the outside world I deeply miss.

This epidemic, though dangerous, taught me so much.

And how an invisible virus can spread by just a touch.

This is the moment, a warning, a sign.

Don’t ignore even if you are totally fine.

To be grateful for all that we took for granted,

Like as if we were leading a life, enchanted.

Pondering over what some others may have to go through.

Hardly being able to even get their daily essentials too.

A sense of sorrow and guilt sweep through my veins

Never even close to all their sufferings and pains.

It’s time we turn back to Him this quarantine,

And realize our faults, if you know what I mean.

Only He can protect and heal, the Almighty above.

Pray for one another, plus show concern and love.

Every single one has been affected by this lockdown.

Which saw no race or color but struck every town.

Let us hope that this division only brings about unity.

Eventually living together in peace and harmony.


Sabrina Azhar
Country: Oman
June 2020 Writing Contest

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