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A Message to the Youth – Poem

Dear brothers in Islam, please lend an ear👂

My words are on behalf of all sisters here

You are now in the ‘prime’ of your lives In search already of your future wives

Whether here with family or friends abroad

Wherever you are, you cannot deceive

God He is All-Watching and records all that you do🎥

So beware of false desires and illegal traps too

Satan becomes your partner when you are alone

And it all starts with a text through your phone📱

This will only bring you temporary time-pass pleasure

Whereby later you’d realize you wasted your leisure

To prevent falling into sin, first lower your gaze

Picture yourself in front of a fire, set ablaze🔥

That would not make you take a step forward

And in the sight of Allah, you will be honoured

Temptations are the roots of indecent sins

And the one who controls them surely wins

Success in this world and in the Hereafter

Only if you’re sincere and obey your Master

Keep up with your limits, don’t take a chance

‘Cause you could be ruined by that one glance👀

The struggle and the pain that comes along

Would be devastating as it is very very wrong

For those of you who have already found your spouse

Be loyal and treat her fondly – the queen of the house

Nevertheless, she faithfully sacrificed her life for you 💑

So in return, she truly deserves more than what you do

We live in a world of women who advertise

With false makeup leading to bastardize 💅

So guard your eyes and shield your heart

And allow not your marriage to fall apart

Don’t let the thoughts of greener grass enter your mind

The devil will over-power you and whisper: ‘Love is blind’

So each day you walk outside,

Fight the evil thoughts inside➿

And be a great role model for the rest of humankind.

Sabrina Azhar
Country: SriLanka
September 2018 Writing Contest

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  1. Unknown

    Beautiful ma sha Allah!
    Absolutely love it! 💟

  2. Unknown

    Wow beautifully & powerfully written!! Masha Allah! Great work!

  3. Unknown

    Mashallah….beautifully expressed!

  4. Usman Ismail

    So Amazing and Greatly Beneficial to Everyone.. Keep the Good Work Sabrina

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