8 Ways to Brighten up Your Ramadan in Quarantine

8 Ways to Brighten up Your Ramadan in Quarantine

As the world is passing through a difficult phase and the people perplexed, the most awaited Ramadan is arriving. Yes it is not going to be as usual but that doesn’t reduce its mercy or reward a bit.

Let us all pray we reach Ramadan in perfect health. Allahumma baligna Ramadan (O Allah, help us reach Ramadan)!! We are still trying to accept the fact that this Ramadan is indeed distinct. A Ramadan without masjids, iftar gatherings or socializing is definitely new to us. But as a believer we can dig the treasure out of this scenario.

Here are few thoughts that might help brighten up your inner self:

Accept the fact that everything happens according to Allah’s will and there is wisdom behind it.

🤲 Prayer
Dua is our superpower. Keep making dua, not just for yourself, but for all humanity suffering around the world.

Closed Masjid
If closed masjids are making you feel depressed, remind yourself that you can do all that you did in the masjid at home. It will not just ease your mind but make you immensely happy as the barakah embraces you. Create a space exclusively for praying as a family.

We never have enough of it. Since there are fewer gatherings, there will obviously be less cooking and planning. So you get more time for your worship and rest. If you feel overwhelmed with household chores, remember everything you do for your family is also ibadah.

Engaging kids
When kids are fasting and at home, it is another challenge. There are a lot of online islamic and Ramadan classes for kids happening around you. Enroll them and help them expand their knowledge. It is also smart to call them for help so that they learn a new skill and you get a helping hand.

🥘 Preparing Iftar
Be wise and find out quick and easy recipes. Add lots of love to make it taste heavenly. Try to keep it as healthy as possible. Cooking a meal for a fasting person is indeed rewarding.

Decorating the house
Decorating and creating a mood of Ramadan is a great way to feel the month. If you are on lock down and can’t buy any dangling, it’s fine, make them yourself own. Involve kids, take print outs or simply draw banners and add lights or glitter.

Sharing Gifts
We cannot follow the tradition of sharing gifts this Ramadan, but never mind, technology helps us send them wishes through a little greeting card or maybe simply a heartfelt message.

It is quite natural to miss the Ramadan we had all these years and feel low, but we will not allow our emotions to take over us. The month is still full of mercy, and we will plead Allah to shower it on all of us.

I believe the biggest lesson this pandemic is teaching us is to be grateful, grateful and grateful.

“… If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor] …” (Surah Ibrahim 14:7)

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