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60 Things to Say to Your Child for Encouragement and Confidence

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As parents, it’s our responsibility to raise our children, educate them, and also discipline them. But, sometimes, we can get caught up in what we consider to be discipline and loose focus of the ultimate goal. While we’re at it, it is crucial to make sure that we raise them to be independent, positive, motivated, confident, and responsible individuals.

One of the most important things I’ve learned in life is the power of positive words. No parent is perfect, but there’s something we all do that contributes to positive parenting that we can appreciate. I appreciate the fact that no matter how angry I get, I never (and I mean never) call my children names or insult them; not even as a joke. People often say what they really mean and mask it as a joke without realizing the impact it can have on others; especially children.

To raise children who feel confident about who they are, appreciate their contribution to this world, and feel motivated to accomplish their dreams, we must instill it in them from the very beginning. Positive words, however big or small, can make a very strong impact on who our children become tomorrow.

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Here are 60 things you can say to your children to help encourage them and build their confidence:

    1. I’m blessed to have you in my life
    2. You are a strong person
    3. You can do it!
    4. Don’t give up!
    5. Keep trying
    6. You are worthy
    7. I appreciate you
    8. I trust you
    9. You are smart
    10. You are a good person
    11. You are kind
    12. You are gentle
    13. I love spending time with you
    14. Your presence makes me happy
    15. I love listening to you
    16. Your opinions matter
    17. I’m proud of you
    18. I understand you
    19. You are enough
    20. I love your personality
    21. You can make a difference in this world
    22. You are my best friend
    23. I love your company
    24. Your choices matter
    25. I will always love you
    26. I can’t believe I’m blessed to have a child like you
    27. You are a gift
    28. You are a blessing
    29. You are very interesting
    30. I’m sorry for my mistake
    31. Keep doing your best
    32. You are important
    33. You are a good friend
    34. We all make mistakes, and that’s okay, we can learn from them
    35. You did a great job when …
    36. Teach me how you did that
    37. You are right
    38. You were right
    39. I love talking to you
    40. Thank you for being you
    41. Believe in yourself because you’re amazing and have amazing ideas
    42. You’re deserving
    43. Your feelings matter
    44. Don’t be afraid to express yourself
    45. You can say ‘no’
    46. Let’s talk
    47. I’d love to hear more …
    48. What’s your opinion
    49. You’re learning a lot!
    50. What was the highlight of your day?
    51. What did you learn today?
    52. You’re an amazing person
    53. You’re caring
    54. You’re respectful
    55. I loved when you did …
    56. I’m rooting for you!
    57. I’m honored to be your mother
    58. I love you
    59. I like you
    60. You are beautiful

We should try our best as parents to make our children feel valued and appreciated. The power of words is indisputable, so whatever you choose can either have a positive or negative impact on your children. Again, we all make mistakes, but there’s always room for learning and improvement.

Lastly, as Muslims, our ultimate goal is to please Allah and enter Jannah. So it is important to always reference it all back to Allah, the fact that He created us and made us family, the blessings He gives us, and the mercy He has upon us.

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