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6 Effective Ways to Come Up with Awesome Blogging Topics

Blogging can be really fun, but sometimes, bloggers have a hard time deciding on topics to write about. If you’re a blogger or thinking about blogging but find it hard to think of topics, this post may be for you. Allow me to share with you some of the best ways to come up with blog post ideas.

What interests you
Think about the things you love that are related to your blog niche. It should be very easy if you actually enjoy what you blog about. Look for ideas that excite you.

Take inspiration from your favorite books or blogs/sites
If you have blogs or websites that you love reading on a regular basis, take inspiration from them. I’m sure you read them because you somehow find them inspiring, learn something from them, or find them as a source of entertainment. Do the same with books you love reading. They most likely will have one of two things that will turn on the shining light bulb in your head.

Take notes
If you’re the pen-and-paper type of person, get a little notepad and make sure to keep it in a place easy to reach. Every time you think of a great idea, note it down. If you prefer technology to take down notes, you could use free apps like Keep from Google or Evernote to record your ideas by typing, drawing, or even recording your voice.

Capture images that inspire you
Don’t lose the opportunity of capturing beautiful scenery with your phone or camera. Don’t initially worry about the post to write about, just enjoy capturing the images. Now sit back even days or weeks later and go through all the images you’d captured. You may be surprised how many ideas would start flooding your mind.

Ask your readers
Many bloggers engage with their readers through social media and ask them what they would like to know. These bloggers collect the suggestions and start using the ones they find most appropriate or interesting.

Go to keyword search engines
After all the above, if you find yourself still needing more ideas, you can always search for what’s trending. Knowing what’s trending helps you stay ahead of the game, informed, and know what people want to read about. This is actually very important because it’s important to write about topics that will make people come to your blog. After-all, you’re writing for people to read it.

Here are four sites you may want to try:
Google Trends
Google Keyword Planner
Keyword Tool
Quora (This one isn’t a keyword search engine, but you may find lots of inspirations from there. It’s a site where people go to ask questions or answer other people’s questions)

Enjoy your blogging journey and I wish you all the best. May Allah help you write what benefits yourself and others. You can do this!

Any other suggestions?

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