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6 Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

There are many advantages in the services you can offer to business owners as a virtual assistant (VA). But, let’s first recap on what it is to be a virtual assistant. In a nutshell, virtual assistants are independent contractors (self-employed) who provide professional services to individuals, small business owners, non-profit organizations, and/or corporations. They do this remotely, from their home offices. If you’re interested in becoming a VA, it is crucial for you to know why businesses should consider working with you.

Types of virtual assitants
Let’s first start with the types of services VAs can provide. There are many different types of virtual assistants with specific titles and services. They may provide administrative services, proofreading, copyrighting, customer service, graphic design, data analysis, research and the list goes on and on. Clients also have the option of working with VAs on smaller or larger and continuous projects.

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Virtual assistants are NOT employees
Before continuing, let me clarify that VAs are NOT employees, but, independent contractors. You may get ‘hired’ as a VA for specific projects, but it does not make you an employee. So, why should anyone work with a virtual assistant?

1. Virtual assistants help save time and decrease businesses’ opportunity cost
Time is very crucial for business owners because time is money. The less time a business owner takes on projects without compromising on quality, the less opportunity cost they get. As their businesses grow, so do their responsibilities. So at one point, they’d have no choice but to call for help and focus on bigger tasks while letting someone else take care of the rest.

2. Virtual assistants help business owners focus on their skills/proficiency
As their responsibilities increase, so do the varieties of tasks and projects in their businesses or daily lives. At one point, it may become very difficult or nearly impossible to do it all. One may be proficient in certain areas while being unable to accomplish other tasks; at least it becomes more difficult. Imagine you were a journalist who needed to create contents on various self-owned websites. You may be good at writing, but graphic design is probably not your strong point. So, as a business owner, working with a graphic designer who could help you with that would be ideal.

3. Working with VAs exempts business owners from paying employee-related benefits/taxes
If a business owner needed help but didn’t have the budget to employ a full-time assistant, outsourcing would be the alternative he/she would have. Maybe he/she just wants to cut on costs and not go through the whole training or employment procedure. Working with a full-time employee may initially seem to cost less because of the lower hourly rates compared to that of VAs (i.e. $10 vs $30), but it is the total opposite. By working with a VA, the business owner would not pay for any employee-related taxes, insurance, vacations, breaks or the like. All taxes are completely the virtual assistant’s responsibility and all the business would focus on would be the services provided.

4. VAs are only paid for the time they are needed or for the services they provide
While working with a VA, businesses only pay for the time put in their requested services. They do not pay for lunch time, breaks, or anything that may take time away from the main goal (making money). And, there are absolutely NO hidden costs.

5. VAs provide their own office space and equipment
All VAs provide their own office space and equipment. This exempts business owners from worrying about extra responsibilities and helps them focus on other important matters directly related to the success of their businesses.

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6. It is possible to work with professionals worldwide!
Virtual assistants can be found across the globe and without restriction, because all services are done remotely. A company may be located in California and work with a VA from London. Locations are completely irrelevant as long as work is being done successfully. VAs are business owners; so they are usually highly motivated when running their businesses. This becomes an advantage for the clients they work with because both sides understand the value of getting things done! They have the best interest of their clients at heart. So, they would do anything to help them become successful.

Now that you understand how helpful virtual assistants could be to businesses, it should be much easier to contact your potential clients and hopefully start working today! But, if you’re a business owner looking for a VA and reading this article, make sure that you do your research and carefully choose who you work with. Ask relevant questions or even ask for a free consultation; many VAs offer it. I wish you all the best.

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