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5 Crucial Things You Need to Know Before Starting Your Work at Home Journey – Tips to Avoid Online Scams

You’ve decided that working from home is the career path you prefer; now what? Working at home may sound ideal for many people for various reasons, but sadly, the numerous scams on the internet make it difficult for some people to differentiate the scams from the legitimate opportunities.

As a result, running into scammers becomes a normal occurrence. I know exactly how it feels to get scammed; it happened to me before. Now I take it upon myself to make sure I prevent the same from happening to as many people as possible.

There are five things I believe every aspiring work-at-home professional should definitely know before starting the journey.

1. If it sounds to good to be true, then it most likely is!
I’m pretty sure you’ve come across those over-the-top get-rich-now slogans when looking for work-at-home jobs. Don’t let the big dollar signs fool you. If it’s too good to be true, move on! No one’s going to give you free money on the internet (or in real life). Expect to work for every penny you make; especially when it comes to online jobs. Ask yourself this question, “What do they expect from me for them to be willing to pay so much money?” In other words; what’s the catch?

2. A real job doesn’t ask you for money before starting work
If you’re supposed to get hired, there should be NO reasons for you to make any upfront investments into the “company.” The only things you should expect to spend on are items such as work equipment that you would need but don’t yet have (i.e. headsets, microphone, desktop; if applicable). In rare cases, you may be required to pay for background check. Even then, do NOT fall for it unless and until you are 100% sure without a doubt that it’s a legitimate company. If you do come across such cases and are not sure what to do, message me with the name of the company!

3. Avoid companies that ask you to buy their products before starting work
Again, like the previous point, do NOT make any investments into ANY hiring company! Some scammers will ask you to make a “small” payment to cover the software that you will use to work with, don’t waste your precious time entertaining them. Move on to the next search because that’s a very clear sign of a scam. If you did need to purchase a software for a job that you’d applied for, then you should be the one buying the software without a third party involved. Do NOT transfer any amount of money (big or small) to any “hiring” company. Getting ‘hired’ is very different from establishing a business. You make investments for businesses, NOT jobs.

4. Avoid pyramid schemes 
Throughout your search for an online job, you most like will come across many pyramid schemes. A pyramid scheme is basically being asked to make a certain investment into a company that asks you to recruit others who would also make an investment before starting “work” or selling a product. The focus is on recruiting investors, not on selling products. As more people join, those at the top of the chain get richer. Those at the bottom would only make money if they continue to recruit investors because they make a percentage of the money invested.

You see where this is going, right? Even if the company sells you products and makes it seem like the only reason you’re investing is because you’re buying products that you will later sell, be very wary. Not only are the products usually VERY expensive, after buying their products, the focus is still on recruiting more people to join the club. They make their money on the number of people who join; they could care less if those people made money selling the products or not. The products are only used as a disguise to make their scam seem legitimate.

No wonder why pyramid schemes are illegal in many states and countries. After getting scammed once at the beginning of my work-at-home journey, I almost got scammed again by a pyramid scheme company that was smart enough to make it seem as if the focus of their company was selling their natural products. Investors had to subscribe to their secrete online shopping mall of 100% natural products. The plan was to have them buy some products every month, get familiar, then advertise their products from personal experience to recruit more investors.

The only way to get access to those “wonderful” products that they vouched for was through becoming a subscriber/investor. The question is, if they really had confidence in what they were selling, why did they feel the need to force people to subscribe before buying any item? Buying and reselling isn’t the problem, the problem is forcing people to make a huge investment and subscribing before trying out anything. On top of that, recruiting more people was the only way to make significant money.

5. Always make research  
When looking for work at home jobs, always make a record of your findings. Before applying to any job, make you have enough information about the company. Look for reviews of those who had experience with the company. If you do not find any reviews or mentioning on the internet, consider it a big red flag. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a scam, but put it into the look-more-into-it-later folder until further information. Just be 100% at peace with what you’re getting yourself into before applying. But whatever you do, do NOT share your bank information or give out money for whatever made-up story.

I really hope these five points will be useful to you and help you stay clear of scammers. I wish you nothing but the best on your journey. If you have any question, be sure to comment below. I’ll try my best to reply to every related question, in shaa Allah.

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