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40 Non-Phone Remote Jobs You Can Do Anyway

If you’re reading this article, chances are, you’re on the look-out for a remote job that doesn’t require you to be on the phone. Work at home jobs are becoming popular now, but most of them seem to be phone jobs. If you’re a mother with small children, have noisy pets, or live in a very noisy neighborhood, phone jobs may not be ideal for you.
These are some of the reasons why many people prefer non-phone jobs. Of course, then we have the introverts who simply dislike talking on the phone constantly (like me) unless it’s a friend or family member. Whatever your reason for wanting a non-phone job may be, relax and browse through the following fifty list …

Transcription is basically turning an audio/video file into a written one. You simply listen to the audio, then type out what you hear. You must be fast at typing to make it worth your time. Now this one may not be the most ideal non-phone job when you have little kids running around, so always wait for a little quiet time to stay focused while working. Depending on the company you work for, rates could either be way too low or reasonable. Keep in mind that getting $50 per audio hour for example does NOT mean you’re getting $50 an hour. Think about the time it would take you to type, pause, listen, rewind, etc. An audio hour can take you anyway from 3 to 6 hours to transcribe it, depending on how fast or slow you are at typing. Some companies may require that you be experiences before hiring you, but there are many who hire on entry level. Most of them require a transcription evaluation before getting hired. Try practicing typing as much as you can if this is the career path you may go for. Here’s a site that may help you with practicing:
SpeakWrite (for USA and Canada only)
Verbalink (USA only)
CrowdSurf (short audios, very low pay, but may help you improve your skills through practicing) (transcriptionist or editor)
Scribie (popular for beginners, but very low rate)
GMR Transcription (USA only, pays high, but requires 2 transcription hours without pay!)
Babbles Type (+ other positions)

ubiQus (+ other positions) 

Edit Fast (editing, proofreading, writing) 
Scribendi (proofreading, editing)
Kibin (currently don’t have a position, but check sometimes) 
This is self-explanatory. It’s basically doing customer service through chat instead of a phone.
The Chat Shop
WordVice (editing and other positions)
Site Staff (USA only, currently not hiring, but accepts applications) 
Live World (Bilingual Customer Service Agent)
Apple (social media manager)
ModSquad (moderation)
Research/Web Search Evaluation
Help companies provide the best researched information to their clients by becoming an expert in research. Also, you can influence the quality of the world wide web by analysing relevant results in search engines as a web search evaluator. Your job would be to make sure people find relevant content when they type words or phrases in search engines.
Clickworker (+ various positions)
LeapForce (+ other positions, depending on location)
CrowdFlower (+ various positions) 
Appen (+ other positions) 
Data Entry
This is basically taking data from one document to another, or typing in data on a spreadsheet. There are various types of data entries.
MicroWorkers (+ other micro gigs)

Social Media/Other Jobs

99 Dollar Social (social media content specialist)
TheSmartCrowd/Lionbridge (various positions, based on locations) 
Animalz (content marketing analyst, content promotion specialist) 
Hubstaff (marketing Generalist and other positions)

*Bonus* Cactus Global (writing, editing, development, more, for mainly Asia and Africa)

As you start applying for your desired job, please be advised that each of these opportunities may not be enough as a full-time income. Try having multiple streams of income to have an overall better experience. I hope this list will benefit you. If you do get hired through any of the jobs I’ve posted here, please message me to let me know or comment below. It’s always nice to know what one is doing is making a difference. Take care now.

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