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15 Tips for Balancing Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

Motherhood is one of the most demanding, yet extremely rewarding jobs in the world. To be a mother and an entrepreneur obviously becomes even more demanding. If you’re also a homeschooling mother (heyyy), pheww; that’s a lot! The only way to successfully achieve it all is by finding a way to balance the different roles.

I have fifteen tips that I believe will help you with this, in shaa Allah.

Make du’a

The best thing a believe could do is to always turn to Allah before doing anything. Allah is able to assist us and He loves when we turn to Him for guidance. Doing so also adds barakah (blessing) to whatever we were planning to do.

I hate to say this popular repeated phrase, but it’s true, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Planning doesn’t have to mean knowing every detail of what you want to do even years from now. It’s important to at least have an idea of what you want, write it down, and start implementing action plans. It helps you visualize what you need to do. Basically, you need a business plan! You can find a work at home planner printable in the subscribers’ freebies corner.

It’s very difficult to accomplish anything in chaos. Organizing is your best friend when it comes to multitasking. Set a separate office area/desk and keep it neat and simple. Do the same with everything else you’re working on at home.  If you’re also homeschooling, keep a separate area or desk if possible and keep everything within reach. The last thing you want is to constantly look for items at the last minute. Save yourself from that extra headache.

Create a family routine

I’m still working on this, but every time I make a change, I definitely see a positive result. Having a family routine ensures that everyone knows what’s expected and acts accordingly. If you set a bedtime and make the same preparations before the time, your children will eventually get used to going to bed by that time. Some people give their children a bath, massage them, pray, and/or read to them before bedtime. They quickly get used to the routine and may even start doing it themselves. It helps build their character and helps them learn responsibility and expectations. You can do something similar with lunchtime, dinner, or other family routines. Having a routine may help you have extra time and save you from running after your children at the most unusual times. I’m in working progress.
Work around your children’s schedule
If you manage to put your work around your kids’ schedule, it may help you accomplish more. As mothers, our main role is mothering our children before anything else. Many mothers choose to work from home to have the opportunity to raise their children full-time and to spend more time with them. So it may help to leave work until your children are taking a nap or are sleeping. It doesn’t mean you should never work when your kids are around, but you may want to avoid that as much as possible. I’m still working on this one, but I have noticed that I’m most productive at night when my children are sleeping. 
Create a work schedule
What are your working hours? If you have office hours and make it mandatory for yourself to accomplish your tasks during those hours, it may help you boost your productivity. Because you are a mother, of course, you may not be able to be 100% strict on your office hours. It’s also true for those with a newborn who wakes up at random. Taking breaks here and there when it’s necessary is okay, but not having somewhat of a set time for work could hurt your productivity.
Enjoy what you do
Simply put, if you enjoy what you do, it would feel less like “work” and more like fun. You’d be looking forward to working instead of dreading it each time. You can accomplish more when you love what you do.
Set deadlines
When you plan, divide your short-term from your long-term goals. As for the short-term goals, set deadlines for when they must be accomplished. 

Set daily goals 
Try not to just start working every day without daily goals. If you know exactly what needs to be done today, you’d work harder to accomplish it and move on the next projects. Before you know it, you’ve done much more than you could have ever imaged doing.

Avoid distraction

It’s almost impossible to accomplish anything in life with distraction. If your phone is a big distraction to you, put it on silent and away from you until you finish your daily task. Avoid reading emails or constantly checking social media. For me, reading emails is my weakness. For whatever reason, I usually feel the need to constantly check right away every email I receive in a day. It takes too much time away from me and leaves me unproductive. I started the silent-phone approach and my level of productivity increased. 
Hold yourself accountable
If you set daily goals or a deadline, be sure to get the work done! Just because you’re working for yourself doesn’t mean you should treat your work any less important than you would have in a corporate office. Being an entrepreneur requires more discipline because no one’s behind you telling you to start working. You have to decide when to work and when to take a break. It’s easy to slack off, so holding yourself accountable and writing down your progress may help you stay on track. 

Give yourself credit
Don’t be too critical of yourself. Give yourself credit and acknowledge when you’ve done a good job. Being too negative on yourself could destroy your confidence and demotivate you. You’re only a human being so you will make mistakes sometimes. But also appreciate your hard efforts.

Seek help if possible
If it is possible to get help from your loved ones, then ask for help when you need it. You may be surprised that some people would be over the moon to help because it would make them feel useful or happy to see you happy.

Be ready and open to learn
Consider your work as a journey through which there would be many different steps. Stay informed and polish your skills. You can read free blog posts and articles, read books, or even take courses online.

Don’t beat yourself if things don’t work your way

Things may not always work the want you envision them and that’s okay. Take it as a learning experience and continue aiming for greatness. Just remember that us humans are not in control. We can only do our very best.
*Bonus: Take time for yourself
You need a break sometimes, and that’s okay! I am still struggling with this one, but I made an action plan to start taking care of myself too. Us mothers usually think about everyone else and forget about ourselves. It may sound nice, but it isn’t always the best thing to do. Be the best YOU for your family, and that can’t possibly happen if you’re over-tired and never getting a break.
Happy mom, happy family, happy life. If you make time for yourself, you’d become happier, more patient, kind, and that would in return reflect on how you interact with your family, in shaa Allah.
I’m by no means claiming to be ahead of the game here. If you haven’t noticed, there are few points that I’m also struggling with and in the process of making changes. The more changes I make for the better, the more productive I become. I hope these tips will help you too as they’ve been helping me.
What other tips would you suggest?
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