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15 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog NOW

With millions of blogs and billions of people on the internet, there’s always something to write about. Some people blog to express themselves, some for business, and others blog as a way to keep in touch with families and friends. It is very simple and inexpensive to create a blog, but it can be nerve-racking for many people. I’ve written about the different fears of blogging in a previous post and now I’m here to give you fifteen reasons why I think you should start a blog right now!

1. You are awesome and have awesome things to contribute to the world
The internet is full of information, some are useful and others are harmful. Most of the useful information is posted by people like you and me. Multiple brilliant ideas come together to form a giant source of information. Every single person has something unique  to contribute to the world wide web. You can share cooking tips, lifehacks, lessons, DIYs, religion, languages and many more things. No one could possibly contribute exactly the way you would contribute because you are unique.

2. It’s easier than you think
Blogging is nowhere as complicated as you may be thinking. All you’d have to do is to find a web host for your blog, get a domain name, and you’d be all set. There are free and paid hosting sites you can use to host your blog. With free hosting, the hosting company pretty much owns your content storage and have the power to delete your blog at any time if they choose to do so, but you own 100% of your content storage on paid hosting. This is a decision you have to make by looking at the pros and cons. Hosting sites usually provide domain names as well, but you can also buy your own domain name from domain hosting sites. Despite the limitations, I would recommend that you start with a free blog hosting site because it’s usually much easier for a total beginner. Some free hosting sites provide more freedom than other ones.

3. It’s free or cheap!
Who doesn’t like FREE (when it’s good)? And even if you do pay for some services, it still ends up very cheap!

4. You become better at writing
The more you blog/write, the better at writing you would become. It’s like exercising your muscles; the more you exercise, the stronger your muscles would be.

5. It can help you feel productive
As a mother and homeschooling parents, I’m busy enough, but blogging gives me an additional (very minimal) responsibility that makes me feel even more productive. People reading your blog will motivate/excite you more and keep you on your toes.

6. Helps you learn more about yourself and your growth over time 
As time passes, your writing skills and overall blogging experience will improve. You’d be able to compare your old posts to your current ones and be pleasantly surprised by the gradual improvements.

7. You can inspire others or change someone’s life for the better
You never know who your post would inspire. If you blog about a personal experience or struggle, someone out there may be able to connect with you and feel like he/she is not alone. If you write an awesome recipe that you learned from your grandmother, it may give delicious cooking ideas to many people who weren’t sure about what to eat today. If you write about homeschooling and share resources, you may be the one encouraging an undecided person to take the plunge and start educating his/her children. Your blog posts may take someone out there from “hmm” to “ah ha!”

8. You’ll get thrill when people message you to thank you for helping them!
Most people feel good when they help others. Imagine being able to help a complete stranger without even knowing it! Now imagine receiving a thank you message simply because something you posted from your heart made a positive difference for someone across the globe. How cool, right? Yep!

9. Learning and growing
Not only will your experience give you opportunities to learn, you will notice that your love for learning new things will drastically increase. Responsibility, commitment, joy, fun, and lessons all mixed together will create growth.

10. Meeting new people
The longer you blog, the more silent readers you may get. Most readers will not comment or message you, but they will be the loyal readers anxiously waiting for the next blog post because of the great and informative content you produce. Occasionally, you may receive messages from other bloggers wanting to collaborate with you, get to know you, or just hang out. If you join networking groups, and you should, you may meet many other bloggers in your niche who would encourage you and be your cheerleaders. Some of the friendships you’d form may even end up becoming long-term friendships.

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11. Create new opportunities
Different opportunities may show up without you planning or expecting them. Some may be business -related, job-related, friendship-related, travel-related, and/or other unexpected opportunities.

12. Prove your expertise
Blogging is one of the best ways to showcase your expertise. If you want to let the world know that you’re good at a particular skill, show it. People want to see proofs, not empty words. If you’re good at computers or software, you could blog about giving tips and step by step troubleshooting, hot-to-dos, device comparisons, and many more.

13. For business
If you have a business either locally or online, having a blog is one of the best ways to advertise your product or service. The more you blog, the more your blog posts would show up in search engines (SEO) and give exposure to your business. The more exposure your business gets, the better chances of success it would have because of more potential clients showing up.

14. To make money
You can monetize your blog while still writing about what you’re passionate about! Turn passion and fun into money.

15. You’ll get used to it
The longer you blog, the easier it becomes. The easier blogging gets, the more you enjoy it. Even if you end up monetizing from it, it would eventually not feel like work. You’ll get used to it and it’ll become second nature.

*Bonus: It gives you a voice! 
Blogging gives minorities and people from scrutinized groups a platform to write their own narratives. As Muslims, it is especially crucial because we live at a time where false information about Islam and Muslims is easily spread. It is our duty to clarify those misconceptions and lies by allowing ourselves to be heard.

That being said, just because we can blog doesn’t mean we should say anything and everything. Allah witnesses our every actions, so we should be mindful and respect boundaries.

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After reading these fifteen reasons for blogging, I really hope you’re encouraged enough to start a blog if you haven’t already. If my post led you to start blogging, please message me to let me know! I would love to hear from you!
Happy blogging!

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