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15 Ideal Remote Work for Introverts

There are many online jobs that cater to different people based on their qualifications, the languages they speak, and even their personalities. For introverts, it can sometimes be tricky or even intimidating to decide the types of jobs that do not require them to forcefully get out of their shells or make them uncomfortable. So, what does it mean to be an introvert anyway?

What does introvert mean?
Not all introverts are exactly the same, but generally speaking, introverts recharge when they are alone as opposed to recharging around people as in the case of extroverts. Being shy is a common trait of introverts, but did you know, not all introverts are shy. They are also usually known to be “anti-social,” but this is actually not true for most introverts. They do tend to avoid huge gatherings because they get more energized with time alone, but it doesn’t mean that they hate socializing.

As an introvert, I get drained out when I’m constantly around people even though I do love socializing to a certain degree. I could talk, laugh, have fun, but I need my ‘me-time’ to boost my energy back up. I don’t mind staying at home by myself for a long period of time because I enjoy my own company, don’t easily get bored, and could easily get more things done without distraction. Of course, I do get bored sometimes and yearn for a company like everyone else.

What makes working from home an asset for introverts?
Based on my experience, I can definitely say that being an introvert helps me work more efficiently from home than on-site. I’ve had experience with both types of work environments, but I believe that as an introvert, certain qualities make introverts ideal for work-from-home.

To be able to successfully work from home, it is important to be independent and not expect to constantly be told what to do. Because introverts usually try to avoid confrontational situations, they prefer getting work done on their own terms, without waiting for instructions. Introverts don’t usually wait for outside influence or nagging before finishing their tasks.

Goal Oriented
Introverts are usually goal oriented and would do anything to accomplish their goals without direct outside influence. This is a crucial quality needed when working from home because without setting goals, it becomes almost impossible to successfully hold a virtual job or a business.

Introverts usually work best when there’s less distraction. As an introvert, I easily lose focus when people constantly talk to me when I’m working. I prefer quietness and being alone to get work done. Some people get bored and lose focus when they are alone for long periods of time. Always working alone can easily get them under stress or even depression. They often look for ways to get distracted or take multiple breaks to interact with other people. Even though they may still get their work done, the amount of distraction can lower their overall productivity. Being focused is important when working from home because it creates more productivity.

You can count on an introvert to hand you an assignment within a decided deadline because they are usually independent and focused. This means they are also dependable and wouldn’t move on till they accomplish their tasks.

Because most introverts enjoy alone-time and can get more work done without distraction, they have enough time to think of new ideas. With new ideas come creativity. So, it is easier for introverts to start innovative projects that could benefit their businesses, the companies they work for, or people in general.

Ideal remote work for introverts
Jobs/businesses that don’t require constant human interaction or talking on the phone are ideal for most introverts. This list may not be true for every introvert, but it should give you a general idea and a practical guideline if you’re an introvert.

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1. Live Chat (Agent)
2. Forum Moderating
3. Proofreading
4. Editing
5. Transcription (general, legal, medical)
6. Graphic Design
7. Bookkeeping
8. Social Media Management
9. Pinterest VA
10. Translation/Interpretation
11. Research
12. Freelance Writing
13. Photographing
14. Blogging
15. Selling Homemade or Used Items

I hope this list will be helpful to an introvert out there who’s undecided about the remote career path to take. If you’re an introvert, do you find this list accurate? If you have any additional suggestions, please share by commenting below.

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