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15 Crippling Fears of Blogging and How You Can Overcome Them

If you’re reading this post, chances are you have fears stopping you from starting a blog like many other people. The fear of blogging is more common than you may think. Almost everyone who started blogging, from the most successful to the starter, had to overcome fears before plunging into the sea of blogging.

Maybe one or more of the fifteen fears I’ve listed in this post are fears currently stopping you. It’s now time to crush those fears and start your long-awaiting blogging journey.

You want to have everything set up perfectly before starting
This has always been one of my issues on almost every project I started. When I was learning my third language, I didn’t want to speak until I could speak fluently! I did exactly that and everyone around me was beyond shocked when I started talking. The thing is, it doesn’t work like that with most things in life. Waiting for perfection from the get-go can actually hinder you from accomplishing the amazing things that you have the potential to accomplish.

Obviously, do some homework before starting anything, but don’t wait for complete perfection right at the beginning. There’s always room for learning and improving, but how would you know what to improve on if you don’t even start? I had to learn this over time and allow myself to go through journeys, milestones, and goals. To be honest, I’m still working on it.

Fear of the unknown and not feeling confident enough
“What if this? What if that?” It’s understandable why such questions would overcloud your mind because it’s totally natural to fear the unknown. Turn those fears into strengths. Ask yourself these questions, “What if I never try and miss out on all the wonderful things I could have been experiencing right now? What if I did try and found a life-changing happiness that would make me proud of myself?” You will never know what would have or could have happened unless and until you just START.

Fear of putting yourself out there or being judged
No matter what you do, someone will have an opinion about it; good or bad. Even you have opinions about the decisions others make. If you were to write an article now, I’d probably have an opinion about it as well. It’s normal. Can you imagine a world where everyone agreed on everything? There would have probably been little to no growth because of the lack of challenges.

Some people may not be kind with their words when criticizing, but they’re usually the minority and would be insignificant to your overall journey unless you allow them to matter.

If your fear is about putting your face out there and letting people know the face behind the blog, then fear not. You do NOT have to share your face if you choose not to. Just start blogging and make that decision later. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable and what you believe is right. Start by letting your writing do the talking.

Too many ideas and advice from other bloggers
There’s no right or wrong way of starting or keeping a blog. People only give advice to help others because it either worked for them or worked for others. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest. Not everything works for everyone. Take suggestions, but ultimately, you would need to do what works for you. You’d know once you start. You don’t have to do what everyone else does.

Overwhelmed with too many resources
Just like the tip above, take suggestions, but don’t feel the need to use everything suggested. Some resources may help you and others may help other people. Take one step at a time.

Fear of spending too much money
Starting a blog is not expensive at all. You can either use a free hosting service like Blogger or pay for hosting services such as BlueHost for much more freedom. If you choose to go with a hosting service that doesn’t include a domain name, you can always buy your own domain name on sites such as NameCheap. With less than $10 a year, you can have your own (dot) (com)! It costs very little to host a domain name.

You may also be worried because bloggers often promote resources that may cost you money. Listen; bloggers either promote what they have tried themselves and had success with it or share what they believe would benefit their readers. It doesn’t mean that you have to buy each and every single product. Please, do NOT do that! Don’t start your blogging journey by being bankrupt. Maybe down the line one or two resources may be of use to you. So just bookmark your favorite ones for later.

Fear of saying the wrong thing
I’ve always had this fear because I’m usually very mindful of what comes out of my mouth even if I don’t know the people I’m speaking to. It may be a sign of being considerate. If so, that’s a good thing. But don’t let it prevent you from starting a blog if you really want to. You may be surprised that most of what you say would actually help someone else. Also, the ‘wrong thing’ may be an irrational fear preventing you from doing what you want to do.

You’re probably afraid that people who know you in real life would know about your blog and find it funny/silly or judge you based on what you write. I know a thing or two about this one! In the past, I literally shut down or abandoned blogs that started becoming popular after sharing them with family and friends. Even though I had amazing things to share, for whatever reason, I felt weird about them always reading my posts.

I recently shared my homeschooling blog with some friends after being reluctant for a while. Guess what? They had nothing but wonderful things to say. They were actually very supportive as well. One of my friends said, “You write exactly the way you talk.” If the opposite had happened, I would have still kept on with what I was doing because I’d decided to keep moving on with my life.

Not sure what to write about
If you love and enjoy your niche, then it shouldn’t be very hard to find ideas and inspirations. I’ve listed 6 ways to find blog post ideas here.

Fear of not having enough time especially if you’re a mother
If you organize yourself well enough, you will find the time to blog no matter how busy you may be. You don’t have to blog every day or multiple times a day. You may even start very slowly and work your way up. On my homeschooling blog, I currently only blog once a week. I used to do even less before. I’ve decided to be more consistent and post at least once a week. I do have plans on increasing that number, but I’m taking it one step at a time. With this blog, I’m also starting slowly. Just don’t let this fear stop you from starting your blog!

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Fear of success or failure
This is a very common one! It makes sense to fear failure, but how do people fear success? Well, it happens all the time. I am; or should I say, WAS one who feared success. Not knowing what to expect can easily make us afraid of even trying. For me, my fear of success was always asking myself questions like “Would I still be me? Would I change? What would I do? How would I react?” Listen; what’s the point of asking all these questions before getting there? You won’t know for sure till you reach it. Enough with the negative bugs in the head; just start and deal with it later!

Fear of having to network
You don’t have to start networking from day one. You don’t even have to network if you don’t want to. But if you want to increase your chances of success, you may want to put networking on your to-do list in the near future. Besides, it’s not like you would have to do face-to-face networking anyway. You can decide to do that after becoming more comfortable. You may start enjoying networking once you start meeting nice and encouraging bloggers in your niche.

Feeling that others can offer better than what you can
Do you actually know that there are billions of people using the internet? Few bloggers couldn’t possibly accommodate all those hungry readers. And people are drawn to different people for different reasons. They may love the varieties and different styles of content and subscribe to multiple bloggers in the same niche. I know this because I do that all the time. I’m always looking for new bloggers to subscribe to; even if I’m already subscribed to another blogger in the same niche. Different people have different things to offer. Be you and people will come for YOU.

There are many successful bloggers in the same niche already doing better
So? Just like there were probably many successful bloggers in their niche before they started. It’s actually more fun when there are many people doing similar things. People love challenges, healthy competition, and the feeling of not being alone. It’s nice to know that you’re not the only one who found this niche interesting. In fact, bloggers HELP each other a lot!

They network, recommend, and advise each other. Besides, there could only be one you! Everyone has his/her own style of talking, typing, and interacting with others. Just be unique as you are and people will appreciate you as you are. Everyone brings a different spice to the blogging world.

Fear of advertisement
Ha! This was a big one for me, although, it didn’t stop me from blogging. I always hated the idea of advertisements on my blog. My homeschooling blog is less than a year old, but I’m not new to blogging. The first blog I started was probably over a decade ago when I was much younger. Okay, maybe I didn’t know anything about advertisements then, but when I started my current one, I was informed. I didn’t like the idea because I hated not having complete control over what would pop up on my blog.

I always saw ads as spams. I was also afraid that my readers may catch some computer viruses. I just recently added ads on some of my blogs after doing more research (I’m still struggling the the idea by the way). Also, it obviously depends on the ads you choose to display on your blog. Google AdSense is a very popular one, and is quickly catching up. By the way, you do NOT have to put ads on your blog to be a blogger. If that’s a worry for you, you can stop worrying. Just start blogging!

Fear of commitment
You would obviously need to have some form of commitment if you want people to keep coming to your blog. But don’t let this fear stop you from starting because you’re ultimately the one to decide how often to blog. You make your blog how you want it to turn out. Obviously, the more work you put into it, the better chances of success you’d get.

If you just start blogging now, you may start having so much fun that you’d want to stay committed. Just start and see what happens next.

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Sometimes we put unnecessary obstacles in front of us without even giving ourselves the chance to see the other side. The funny thing with fears is that once you take the plunge, you start feeling silly for holding yourself back for all the time wasted. In my opinion, if there’s no harm in what we plan on doing, the best way to tackle doubts is by simply doing it despite the fears. And better yet, make istikharah (prayer for guidance)!

Did you or do you have any of the listed fears? If so, which one/s, and did you find this post helpful in any way?

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