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10 Sites that Will Pay You $30 to $250 to Write Guest Blog Posts

If you’re a blogger, then you should know that submitting guest posts on other blogs boosts your presence on the Google search engine. The good part about that is that it gives your blog more visibility and increases your potential of earning through your blog depending on what you do. It also gives you a level of trust and credibility in the online world. If you’re a freelance writer, before most companies agree to work with you, they want to first see samples of your work done for other companies or bloggers.

To break through real hiring companies, guest posting would be very beneficial. Because of the benefits of guest posting, many bloggers look for other bloggers accepting guest posts to showcase their work. This is usually done for free because both parties benefit from it. The blog receiving the guest post gets extra content, and the guest poster receives more exposure and everything else I mentioned above. But did you know, there are some that are paid guest posts!?

Yes, you read it right! Some website owns and bloggers will pay you to submit guest posts. Because they receive content from guest posters, some would rather just pay people to write for them instead of waiting for people to contact them first. When it comes to money, people are willing to the extra mile to make that extra buck. Even on this blog, if I had the necessary fund to pay people to post regularly on my blog, I would have done so without thinking twice. Now let me quickly share with you some of the places you can make extra cash blogging for others.

1. Money Pantry 
Write about anything related to money and get paid between $30-150 per post.

2. Freelance Mom 
Get paid between $75-$100 if your article is accepted.

3. Raising Arizona Kids 
For Arizona residents only. They pay $50 for accepted web post and $250 for accepted featured publications.

4. Cosmopolitan 
Get paid to write almost anything and receive $100 if your post gets accepted.

5. The Penny Hoarder
Write 700-900 words about finance and make $75 (maybe, not 100% sure on this one)  if your post gets accepted. You have the potential to earn more depending on how successful your blog post gets.

6. BootsnAll
Write 1200-2000 words writing about travel and get paid $50 if your post gets accepted.

7. The Travel Writer’s Life
Write 300-600 words and get paid $50-$200 writing about travels, getting interviewed, or giving specific financial advice.

8. Back 2 College
Write 1000-1500+ words and get paid $75-$135 writing about education.

This site requires 600-1000 words writing about holistic health and wellness and pays $50.

10. DesertUSA
Write 1200-1500 words about travel, geology, wildlife, and more and get paid $50.

If you want to make a living writing, don’t just wait for people to contact you through your blog. Make the effort to look for people paying writers to write for them. Writing is very lucrative, but you have to put in the effort before getting recognized and getting clients. I wish you all the best!

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  1. Dave

    I have guest posted on a few different sites in my niche and it's been fun being a guest blogger for other's sites. I have also gotten paid for it but it has also help my web presence for my own blog. Love this post!

  2. Umm Sumayyah

    Guest blogging is definitely one of the best thing a blogger could do for his/her blog. I have guest posted as well under my other blog, but have yet to do that with this one.l It's definitely a plan.

    Thanks for stopping by Dave.
    Wish you all the success!

  3. Barry Allen

    Great blog i really like the way you presented this blog. i have similar posts in my blog about the best

  4. Umm Sumayyah

    Thank you Barry. Thanks for stopping by.

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